Who am I?

I’m a regular guy who writes a lot of stuff sometimes for money and sometimes free for nothing.  This blog is where I put all of the personal stuff that I don’t want to pay a therapist to listen to.  I live in Los Angeles with my wife and our dog.

Here are a few other places you can find me:

Betheboy on Twitter

Betheboy on Tumblr – Like this blog but shorter.

A Year of Billy Joel – Just what you think it is.

Sentimental Accidents – True stories about me and the people I know.

I can be reached at betheboy[AT]gmail[DOT]com and I look just like the guy pictured in this post but taller.

11 responses to “Who am I?

  1. Caroline

    BeTheBoy: I am faced with choosing a song to dance with my father to at my up-coming wedding. I’d skip the whole thing, but my better half is someone who actually had a decent childhood and a well-adjusted relationship with his parents, and I know he will want to do a first dance w/ his Mom. I think it would look weird if we just did half the tradition. So, what would you recommend as a “father-daughter” first dance song for a dad who, while he has his strengths, and in his heart is a good man, was not the best dad (alcoholic, present in body through most of my childhood, but not necessarily concious for most of it, troubled, not diagnosed but most likely actively depressed, etc etc etc), and who continues to be a challenge when it comes to having a relationship with him?

  2. betheboy

    That’s the best question anyone has ever asked me on this blog, or any other blog. Here’s my thought on this. Don’t over think things. It’s your wedding day and the symbolism of the song will largely be lost on everyone but you and your husband. Plus most songs about fathers tend to be angry or maudlin, there are very few dad songs that say “You’re flawed but I love you anyway let’s dance.” You’re best bet is to pick a song that your dad will recognize and be comfortable with dancing to. I’ll email you another suggestion too.

  3. moneke

    Caroline: BeTheBoy has a point. But if your family already knows the relationship between you and your father the song is nothing more than a front when deep down inside they all know the truth. Weddings are not always going to be perfect but you can paint your audience a pretty picture right? Pick a song that makes you happy. That should be all that matters. ;o)

  4. I agree with both comments so far, and I will also recommend ‘I’ll Stand by You’ by The Pretenders.

    I will also say this: I struggled most of all with the father-daughter dance song. Be the Boy is right, the normal choices are all very maudlin or angry. I ended up choosing a Paul Simon song (Slip Slidin’ Away), not for its overall father-daughter significance, but for the personal significance to my Dad and I. So, if you can find a song or an artist you both love, that might be a good bet as well.

  5. betheboy

    I’ll Stand By You is good. If I was only able to choose from Pretenders songs I’d go with that one way before Brass in Pocket.

  6. Anthony (Friend of the Sneeze)

    Dear Be the Boy,

    I don’t know if you remember me or not, but we met at a Cloud Cult show. I am a very good friend of Steve from the Sneeze. Anyway, I have a huge problem on my hands. I was unable to procure “49:00” before Amazon and Tunecore made it unavailable. I was wondering if you could burn it for me and I would pay you the full fee, plus burning and handling. Of course, I will buy the actual CD as soon as I can get my hands on it — so Paul gets paid. Either way, if you live in LA, that probably means I live within 30 minutes from you and would gladly come pick it up.



    P.S. Why does the Mets bullpen suck balls?
    P.P.S. Should I be more excited about getting Favre?

  7. Hi!

    How can i subscribe to your blog? I cant find a link to do so.

  8. Atom

    You commented on my blog back in May 2007 about a couple of songs I had posted. WFMU brought me some (my only ever) traffic, and I got 2 comments.

    Yours was one, and you said you might play a song at the wedding (King Monkey – Badd Mann Dann Rapp and/or King Monkey Rapp). Did you play either/neither?

    I was considering resurrecting the ‘ol blog and I clicked through to your comment.

    Dig this

    I am also 34, living with my wife (well, still a girlfriend, but we have her two kids, two dogs, and seven cats).

    Also in a crumbling building!

    What a small world.

  9. Hi,

    I have a couple of questions about your blog:

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  10. topdrummer1215

    hi its your cousin brandon! great blog :)

  11. Looks like I’m reading some old posts, but I love the story of how you met and continued to meet your (now) wife. I love to hear encounters like that. Good luck for a long, wonderful marriage together.

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