A Helpful Reminder

On Monday afternoon I went to the gym at lunch because that’s the kind of thing I do now.  There was a time, a decade actually, when the only exercise I got at lunchtime was walking across the street to buy candy.* Every once in a while I’d manage to eat so much at lunch that I’d start to sweat but I don’t think that counts as working out. Anyway, I go to the gym in the middle of the day now because sometimes I don’t want to get up before dawn or wait until after work to do the things I have to do to keep myself from going back to being a physical wreck.

*One day while buying candy I ran into the CEO of the company I  was working for. They were buying a healthy lunch, I was waiting in line behind them to pay for a Snickers bar and a chocolate milk. I decided that I’d wait for another day to pitch my big ideas.  

Going to the gym in the afternoon means coming home with gym bag filled with my sweaty workout gear. The clothes go into the laundry and my sneakers go somewhere away from things that we don’t want to smell like my sweaty running sneakers, today that place was the front porch.

Shortly after I arrived home Nina had to leave for a work function, on the way out she told me not to forget that my sneakers were outside. I’m sure I wouldn’t have forgotten but it’s nice that she cares enough to worry that I might need a reminder. There are many ways in which she has enriched and bettered my life, some of them are big and obvious but it’s the small ones that happen in between the big things that remind me that I have found the right person. We may not be perfect but I’ll never be walking the streets of Hollywood barefoot which is a start.


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