Going Forward

As you may know already, blogging and I are getting back together. So, now what?

Well if it’s anything like the times I’ve gotten back together with people I’ve been with and broken up with, it’s going to be GREAT…at first. They we’ll hit a bump that will remind us of why we ended things in the first place. From there we can either work it out or burn the whole thing to the ground. While I cannot predict the future I can tell you that the scorched earth option is pretty remote; I just don’t trash my own life the way I used to.

Learning to not hit the self destruct button on my life has been a gradual process. Like most important things I’ve learned, it took me much longer to learn this lesson than it should have.  When I feel charitable towards myself I say that my life has a prolonged learning curve built into it but more accurately, I had a history of being afraid to make big changes because they seemed overwhelming. Over the years I have worked on this problem and I feel like I have learned to look for solutions to problems rather than easy ways to escape them.

Thanks to having a willingness to change a lot has gotten better in my life since you last saw me here regularly. These positive changes required work that initially seemed daunting but what else was I doing besides getting older?  For example, take the change in my overall health. Two years ago I was overweight and out of shape. I wanted to get healthier but the suggestions my doctor had given me all involved eating better, not drinking and physical activity. No thanks doctor, I’ll just do nothing and drop dead. I figured it had worked for me long enough, except it hadn’t.

One morning I woke up before dawn, put on sneakers and ran until I couldn’t run any further…a whole 27 seconds. It was a start and I kept at it, going just a little further each time.

18 months later I completed a marathon.

I’m not saying this to brag, I’m just giving you an example of how I  did something I believed was impossible because I’m going to try it again, this time with something I have been putting off for the last decade. I’m going back to school to complete a degree I should have finished a long time ago. This is something that seemed like an insurmountable obstacle just a few days ago but thanks to meeting with an admissions counselor I now have a plan to get the process started. There is still a lot to do before I can begin classes but things are moving forward a little bit at a time. This will be like training for the marathon all over again but with a different medal at the finish line.



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9 responses to “Going Forward

  1. My big changes that I need to make are overwhelming me. Can you say a bit more about how you made your changes despite that feeling of overwhelmingness?

    Also, congrats on the school thing. Hope you have as much fun as I always did going school supply shopping.

    • betheboy

      In my experience the difference was simply accepting the fact that I was going to feel overwhelmed. After a while the extra work becomes the new normal and I adjust to it. This doesn’t make it less terrifying but accepting the fact that I’m going to have a rough go at first makes it easier to start. The hard part is temporary but the benefits of getting trough that pay off in a big way.

  2. Sarah

    Yay for going back to school! I hope you walk across stage to get your diploma. It’s a lot of work and you deserve a whole bunch of applause. :)

  3. I’m thrilled to see you back here, and to see how much you’ve accomplished these past two years. :)

  4. That’s awesome! Be The Graduate.

  5. Road Rage

    Yay for you! And I am so happy you are blogging again!

  6. We had a discussion about your degree a while back. Finishing my degree took a long time and a lot of sacrifices (including nearly two years in a commuter marriage), but it was worth it. You’re so right about learning to accept that you’re going to feel overwhelmed for a while and then things will settle. I used to think other people weren’t afraid or overwhelmed and that’s why they accomplished things I couldn’t. The truth is most things worth doing are going to require to step way out of our comfort zones.

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