Dream Baby Dream

One time at a Thai restaurant I got a fortune cookie that advised: “Keep your expectations reasonable.” At the time I made a joke about it but I’ve eaten hundreds of fortune cookies and that is the only fortune I remember because it is only one that ever made me mad. I drove home from that dinner very angry with the cookie who reminded me that I already was keeping my expectations ridiculously reasonable, to the point that I was content with getting by: I had a job that was good enough, an apartment  where the best feature was its price and if I ever dreamed of bigger and better things I certainly kept it to myself. The cookie said to stay reasonable and I took that to mean I should aim low and try to not get hurt. By the standards I had set I was successful and safe but never very happy.

Several years ago I examined my standards for success and I wasn’t pleased with what I saw. I was being held back by my own low expectations for myself and what I was capable of. I began to make changes, tentatively at first, but slowly I began moving forward, gaining confidence and finally expecting more of myself. I began want more out of life and more importantly doing the work to get it. While this change was happening I was mostly keeping it to myself, sure I had dreams but nobody had to know it.

The first big test of my new and improved life happened when I met a girl named Nina. I knew right away that Nina was special and I wanted her to be a part of my life but had no expectation they would feel the same way. Still,  I was so committed to doing things differently that I took a chance and if you know me you know how things turned out (if you don’t know me I’ll fill you in at the end).

Since that time I’ve pushed myself even harder to live a life beyond reasonable expectations and in every way my life is better today than it was when I got that stupid fortune cookie. As a result I’m doing things I never expected to be doing and I’m happier today than I’ve ever been in my life. I plan to keep reaching and working for more but for this particular day I’m treating myself to something special. On the table beside me there is a passport and a boarding pass for a flight to Sweden with my name on them. For the first time in my life I am taking a trip overseas. I’m very excited because this is something I used to think I could never do.

Of course I won’t be traveling alone, Nina is coming with me.  At some point over the Atlantic Ocean the clock will strike midnight and the date will be May 10th. When this happens Nina and I will have been married for four years. Of all of the ways my life has changed, the best part of my life today is having someone I can live out my dreams with.

Now if you’ll pardon me, I have a flight to catch. See you soon.



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15 responses to “Dream Baby Dream

  1. May you have a wonderful trip and a very happy anniversary!

  2. Right on Will. Doing the same by taking a trip to S. Africa later this month for my 1st overseas trip since HS. Congrats to you and Nina too. Hope to hang out with you guys soon!

  3. i love this. life is grand ain’t it?

  4. I’m so happy for you, and for how far you’ve gotten! Hope you and Nina have an absolutely fantastic time!

  5. Bravo, Will! Congrats on four years! Here’s to four more and beyond! I’m confident you and Nina are well on your way to being a multiple-term couple. :)

    Have a wonderful time in Sweden, and do say hello to the Aurora Borealis for me if you get the chance! Be safe.

  6. Happy Anniversary and have a safe and fun trip! 4 years?! I can’t believe I have been “stalking” the two of you for that long!

  7. I’m so happy that I read this today! Have a totally amazing time & happy happy anniversary :)

  8. NovySan

    Time to burn down that fortune cookie factory with the flames of your hard won awesomeness.

  9. Cindy Carney

    Happy Anniversary!
    I love you guys….. have a wonderful trip.


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  11. Beautiful post!! Hope you guys are having a lovely time in Sweden.

  12. Also, if you’ve found someone special to share your life with, I’d say that alone has made your life a smashing success, beyond all of that fortune cookies small expectations!

  13. Kerry

    Outstanding. Are you home yet? Fill me in. Were you swept away in the Rapture today?

    I really liked this post.

  14. joe

    Nina is probably the best thing that happen to you . Keep up that good attitude

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