The Worst Card Ever

Occasionally I have trouble finding the right words to say what I’m feeling.

All day last Friday, the birthday card I bought for my wife sat on my desk as I tried to think of a way to express how happy I was to be with her. After hours of thinking it over the card was still blank so I grabbed a pen and tried to explain that the words I had to describe my feelings felt inadequate somehow.  The problem was, those were the words I used. I actually wrote:


I feel so inadequate

I stopped, because that’s a terrible thing to write in a birthday card even if I was trying to make a point about my words failing me (which they really did in this case). I tried to cross out the last word but there was no mistaking what I had written, it simply now looked like this:


I feel so inadequate

There was no way I was going to give my wife a birthday card with a message better suited for a therapist. I put the ruined card in my laptop bag. There was no time to buy a replacement so I went home and tried to explain why I didn’t have a card. I promised to get a new one but when I mentioned that I still had the one I had messed up my wife asked me to show it to her. After she was done laughing she asked me to sign the card, explaining that flawed or not, this was the card she wanted.

(Click the pic to enlarge my failure)




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4 responses to “The Worst Card Ever

  1. I’ve told Nina this a million times but I want your relationship. I mean not like I want to kidnap either one of you, but like I love how much and how you love each other.

    And your purple shower. (that was your house right?)

  2. why cant i find a man who’ll admit he’s inadequate?

    oh well. I have the cats.

    That’s pretty cute!

  3. Will Campbell

    Simply put and with no intent to overstate, that is the best and most honest sentiment ever expressed on a greeting card.

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