Now It Can Be Told

Today is my wife Nina’s birthday, she’s turning 38 today but due to my poor math skills I thought she was turning 39 until a few weeks ago.  I’m a good husband but a lousy mathematician, actually here are some numbers I do understand: My wife and I got married about 3 and a half years ago, in May 2007, in October 2006 she celebrated her birthday with a party that I was not invited to. She had a good reason for not inviting me: on my wife’s birthday in 2006 we had not yet met one another.

Two points about this:

1- In October 2006, the woman I would eventually marry was only an internet acquaintance but this didn’t prevent me from hoping I’d be invited to her birthday party. Unfortunately I kept this wish to myself and thus I didn’t get the call.  Nowadays whenever we invite someone who we only know from the internet to something (which happens often) I get retroactively jealous.

2- A photo from the birthday weekend led me to believe that she was much taller than me, which almost prevented me from pursuing an in person meet up. Eventually I thought that giantess or not I would take my chances.  When we met I was relieved to discover we are the same height.*

*Actually she is slightly taller.

It’s been four years since that birthday in 2006 and while I may miscalculate her age I’m happy to be able to celebrate with her.  I could go for at least another four more years of this.


The Birthday Girl




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2 responses to “Now It Can Be Told

  1. I think it is uber-important to have the people of the world see aforementioned photo:

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