Finding The Right Words

Nina, Daisy and me in our hobo chic backyard. Photo copyright Lisa Jane Persky.

I posted this last week on Facebook but I’m sharing it here because I realized I didn’t caption it correctly.  The picture above does show Nina, Daisy and me in our hobo chic backyard and the wonderful Lisa Jane Persky did take the photo but there’s more to it than that so I will now attempt to provide a proper caption.

  • My two favorite living things, my favorite radio station tee-shirt  and me.
  • My three favorite things and some cinder-blocks.
  • Three of the best reasons to get up in the morning, plus me.
  • Nina, Daisy and me in our hobo chic backyard. (Not pictured, my crushing depression which has not been seen since 2006)

I think that last one says it best. For more from Lisa Jane Persky, go to:



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6 responses to “Finding The Right Words

  1. I like that last one best, too.

  2. kim

    Definitely the last one. (Though I can’t believe your wife’s killer shoes didn’t get a special mention!!!)

  3. Tim

    Hey, that’s the subtitle I use for most all the photos I’m in, since 2006….

    The “silent” part doesn’t help with my copyright infringment claim….so, I’ll just let it go.

    Now we have something new in common….when is our next “My Tongue Contains more Asbestos than Your Tongue” contest?

  4. Tim

    Um….by “that one” I mean the “crushing depression” part…haha.

  5. Yes, her shoes are truly killer.

    What’s this about crushing depression?

  6. Lawn chairs are the only way to go.

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