Sunday Mornings

I tend to miss my father most when I’m the only one awake in the house on a Sunday morning. My father was always the first one up, on most days this was so he could go to work. On Sunday’s however he would wake up, put on a movie and then make breakfast while he waited for everyone else to wake up.

On most mornings these days I wake up before my wife and leave for work but on Sundays I’ve been waking up early, putting on a movie. I’m a plate of bacon and eggs away from becoming my father, and that’s okay with me.



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4 responses to “Sunday Mornings

  1. Agreed. Nice thing to strive for.

  2. By virtue of my coffee intake, I’ve already become by father, and like you, there’s nothin’ wrong with that.


    Nice sentiment, Sir. A good day to you.

  3. At a certain age, I think we all realize that becoming our fathers is a blessing. Boys and girls — because I know I share your sentiments.

  4. There are much worse things than becoming your father.

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