Choose Your Words Carefully

Now matter how many times it happens, I still get excited when I see that someone new is following me on Twitter. You see, I need external validation because I’m filled with self-doubt so when ever my email tells me someone is following me on Twitter I drop EVERYTHING to find out who it is.

Earlier today I got this notification:

Hey Will,

Tammy Hunter (Sexkitten123456) is now following your tweets.

Obviously Sexkitten123456 is a spammer  but so what, I’ve gotten hundreds of messages like this that lead to Twitter profiles that look like this:

I have a problem with this but it’s not what you think. I don’t care for one second that they are a spammer. You want to spam people or get traffic to your web cam? Go for it. I’m not interested but you can do whatever you like.

The problem I have is the use of the term “SEX KITTEN“.

Say the words “Sex Kitten” to yourself.

Then, think about what those two words mean.

Now look at this cat:

Note: This cat has 6 toes, but that's not the point.

Now say to yourself: “I’m an 8 week old cat. I like chasing things, napping AND SEX

See what I mean? It’s awful because kittens and sex do not go well together.

You can bet that if cat’s were on Twitter calling themselves SEX BABIES we’d put a stop to that right away so why can’t we show kittens the same courtesy. Come on spammers, even you can do this.

If you are not a sex kitten, you can follow me on Twitter here.



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17 responses to “Choose Your Words Carefully

  1. She probably followed you because you responded to my tweet yesterday with the word “big.”

  2. Does Daisy J. Dog know you’re coming to the defense of her mortal enemies?

  3. Brooke


  4. Nomi

    Whoa, that sex kitten is also polydactyl!
    What do you use those extra claws for, baby?

  5. That kitten has too many toes. I can’t decide if that’s sexy or not.

  6. Why aren’t there sex puppies?

  7. That’s awesome. Didn’t you also have “sexualcornbread” following you?

  8. Agreed. I shall, however, continue to use the phrase “sweater puppies.”

  9. Also disturbing?

    “pimp daddy.”

    I know the divorce rate produces lots of girls with daddy issues, but why are we *making it worse*?

  10. i used to get excited when i saw i had a new follower. then i realized a lot of people follow me for a day or so, then decide i’m not funny/interesting/whatever they’re looking for, and un-follow me. so now i try to just look at cute kitten pictures and ignore the numbers.

  11. cgreathouse

    i once had a kitten with six toes.

    i named that kitten six pack.

    i drank a lot of beer in those days.

  12. I agree with your analysis up to a point. But I bet that six-toed kitten gets all kinds of pussy.

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