Revisiting An Old Story

It’s my birthday today and, like I do every year, I’m celebrating by retelling an old family story.

The Best Advice I Ever Got About Hookers

Today marks 18 years to the day since I received some life changing advice. It was my eighteenth birthday and a relative pulled me aside to share some wisdom.  He told me:

Always keep some extra cash on you, in case you run into a hooker.

-How much?

$20 should do it.

I kept that extra $20 in my wallet for years but I thankfully never used it in the way it was intended.



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3 responses to “Revisiting An Old Story

  1. Brooke

    Happy Belated Birthday, Will!!

  2. Paul L.

    Oh hey, that reminds me, I still owe you that 20.

  3. Happy super duper belated birthday.

    And in the last 18 years, I think that advice should be updated to account for inflation. Nowadays I’d say you should keep about $27.58 in your pocket in case you run into a hooker.

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