Checking In On My Goals

Earlier this year I posted a few things I’d like to accomplish in 2010. Now that 2010 is half over I decided to check my list to see how I’m doing. Here is the updated list with my progress in bold:

In 2010 I will:

  • Write more than I did in 2009 – A big NO on this one but I did start this story project.
  • Call The Best Show on WFMU more than the one time I called last year – DONE, I’ve got two calls in and I’m not stop
  • Dress like this more often: Absolutely YES!

(Photo by Lisa Jane Persky)

  • Make it to Citi Field – I made it thanks to an assist from this outstanding person.
  • See more live music and comedy – Thanks to the Paul F. Tompkins show I have been able to see this one through and like the Best Show calls I’m not stopping.
  • Get my youngest sister out to visit LA – One sister has visited and I’m doubling down by having her come back with my other sister.
  • Spend less time talking and more time doing  – This is a work in progress but I’m getting there.

So far so good on my goals. Lets see what else the year has to offer.



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5 responses to “Checking In On My Goals

  1. It was a thrill to hang out with a long lost cousin.


  2. Kerry

    I like it. Let’s go see a game or a show. I am pretty free and easy this summer. Is Foghat touring?

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