730 Days

Two years ago today I quit smoking. Smoking was a stupid, destructive thing I did for nearly 20 years but I’m not telling you I quit because I want a pat on the back.

I mention it because my father smoked from the time he was a teenager until the day he died of a heart attack, last October at 54 years old.  Fifty freaking four years old and dead.  I’m sure that had he quit smoking a few years ago like he promised he would, he’d still be here.

Look, you do what you want to do. If you want to smoke I’ll still love you.  I can’t stop you from smoking but consider that when I smoked, I looked like this:

Today, 2 years after quitting I look like this:

Isn’t that much better?  Do you need another reason?  How about the fact that it’s 2010?

For the record, here is the official Be the Boy method of quitting smoking, feel free to try it:

1- Allow your appendix to become enlarged (Important: do not let it burst).

2- Get hospitalized for emergency surgery, have surgery go wrong.

3- Spend a week in hospital post surgery with morphine drip.

4- While in hospital, don’t smoke.

5- After not smoking for a week, don’t start again. Repeat as needed.

If you’re interested, the full story of my appendix emergency can be found here.



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4 responses to “730 Days

  1. Yes, I knew that smoking tends to age people, but now I have the photographic proof! I’m glad you quit. Smoking is a yucky habit, and the fewer people are addicted to cigarettes, the better the world we live in.

  2. This is horribly late as comments go, but I was browsing through, catching up and trying to assuage my shame for not having read many of your posts over the past few months.

    But when I read here that your Dad was only 54, I was trying to remember if I’d known that previously; I’m pretty sure that I didn’t, because I am painfully aware of those younger than me whom I consider to be my friends who ALSO fall into the category of “young enough to be my children.” I’m quite sure I would have remembered if that was true of you.

    I’ll be 54 next month and boy, do I feel ancient.

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