Thanks Jets & Thanks Dad

The Jets season has come to an end and as promised, I am just fine.  Football is fun but it is not real life. I’ve had a great time for the last several weeks and I will have fun again next year.

It goes without saying that I miss my father today. You know what he’d tell me if he were alive? That I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up in the first place; but I do, I always do, and I like it that way.

A few things before I sign off on this season:

New York Jets- I’ll see you next year.

Dad – I wish you were here to say you told me so. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be okay.

To all my friends and family – Thanks for cheering on the Jets along we me, you have all made this more fun than you know. While we won’t see the Jets in the Super Bowl, there’s nothing to be sad about today.

Life goes on starting right now and I’ve got some stuff to get done.



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6 responses to “Thanks Jets & Thanks Dad

  1. Paul Ruffini

    Funny, but I have felt the same way about the Jets this season. Being a lifelong New York Football Giants fan, it was almost an act against nature for me to root for the Jets in any capacity…until this year. Your Dad’s was the first phone call I received after our miraculous Super Bowl win against the evil empire in Febuary 2008. It meant the world to me, because football was one of the few things we disagreed on and I’m sure it took a lot for him to call me that day.

    I took a lot of crap for being a Giants fan during the Jets glory years when Namath was capturing all the attention in New York, and at times your Dad was pretty rough on me (as he was with everyone he loved and cared about). It’s funny, because last year, when I’m sure he already knew how sick he was, he sent me a cryptic email asking if we could get together for a weekend and watch a Giants game together because he felt “he owed me that much”. I read that email over and over, and knew something was wrong.

    The weekend never happened, and we never did watch that game. But I did root for his Jets, for him, his kids and New York.

    • betheboy

      Thank you Paul. I appreciate the perspective of someone who knew my dad so well. Now that the Jets season has over I realize that I’ve probably had more fun rooting for the Jets over the last four weeks than I’ve ever had before. For the first time I stopped expecting the worst and just hoped for the best. It’s been a nice change of pace, perhaps this is just a result of growing older but I’d like to think it’s a piece of wisdom that has been handed down to me.

  2. I had my boys rooting for the Jets even though they wanted to root for the other team.

    I was a bit sad when the game was over, but it was a good game (from what I saw while I was awake)

  3. To be honest I cried when the game was over. I just wanted it so much for you. I’m a sap that way.

    That being said, go Saints ;)

  4. Paul M

    As a life long Toronto Maple Leafs fan
    I can understand the disappointment
    in sports teams.
    A person gets their hopes up…but no.

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