More Forward Thinking

Following up the last post about things I will be doing in 2010, here are some things I hope to avoid this year:

  • Letting the past get in the way of the present – I’ve spent too much time in my life thinking about what happened instead of focusing on things that are happening today. It’s important to learn from the past but more important to focus on the present.
  • Being driven crazy by the Mets – It’s just baseball; it’s not my money being spent and the team does not win or lose for me personally.
  • The candy machine in my office – It will miss me but I don’t need it.
  • Getting lost in my world – In years past when I got very busy with work or being worried about things I would go long periods of time without contacting people outside of those I see regularly. If there is was a good thing that came out of my dad’s passing it was that it allowed me to reconnect with a lot of people I care about. I hope to avoid disappearing from sight this year.


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3 responses to “More Forward Thinking

  1. once, about five years ago – a lot happened about five years ago – i was crying and thinking too much and a man named joe told me “if you wake up and you put one foot in yesterday and the other foot in tomorrow, you’re pissing all over today.” i don’t think he made that up or anything but it made me feel better for a minute. so did your post.

  2. Andrew

    You forgot Billy Joel songs and all things Billy Joel.

  3. kiemzi

    Corrie, my grandmother used to say that! Wise words!

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