If I Could Change One Thing About 2009

On September 20, 2009 I spoke to my father for the last time before he passed away.

We had a great conversation but in retrospect, “Can you get me a Google Wave invite?” was not the best way for him to end that call.

I didn’t get an invite until it was too late but honestly, I don’t think my dad missed anything.

File this away under lessons learned for 2009.



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6 responses to “If I Could Change One Thing About 2009

  1. Sorry to hear about your dad – But I think you are right. He didn’t miss out on much with Google Wave…Cheers to 2010!

  2. Paul M

    I too am sorry to hear about your Dad.
    My sister passed away in 2009 from
    hepatitis and liver failure(she was a heroin
    user that shared a dirty needle)

    So I think you, me and Nina should have a
    better 2010.

    • betheboy

      Ross – Thanks, Happy New year to you too,

      Paul – I’m very sorry to hear that. Thanks for the encouragement, I hope you have a great 2010 too.

  3. kim

    I have no idea what google wave is but I’ll bet your dad would be proud to know how much he’s missed and how well remembered.
    Happier days ahead to you, Nina & Daisy.

  4. Will– your dad loved you very much and was proud of you, just like many of your readers! So sorry for your loss, 2010 will be better for all of us, I think.

  5. I’m sure I could think of several things I’d want to change, but I think I’m just going to look forward.
    Let’s hope 2010 is better all around for all of us!

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