A Very Important Reminder

Today I find myself struggling to make it to the finish line for 2009. As I work through things I keep reminding myself of the following:

1- Everything is going to be fine.

2– When I look back on this later I’ll realize that nothing was as bad as it seemed.

3– Seriously, it’s going to be fine.

Feel free to do the same as needed.

On second thought, I’m just going to suck it up.



Filed under Life of BetheBoy

3 responses to “A Very Important Reminder

  1. Jessica Gottlieb


    Cuz there’s so much good too, and really with a few good friends and a happy marriage nothing is insurmountable.

  2. Kerry

    Going to the Grove to see Santa. It is in your neighborhood. Would that make you feel better or do you just want to sock him right now?

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