The Reigning Sound on WFMU This Weekend


The Reigning Sound make their triumphant return to the Cherry Blossom Clinic December 19th, Saturday, from 3-6pm! (Eastern Time)

Fresh off the release of their epic new album “Love and Curses,” the Reigning Sound (this time including WFMU’s own Dave Amels in their lineup!) will deliver the rock as only they can, and maybe even a Christmas song or two. Tune in for the Memphis-via-Jersey holiday rockathon with Terre T!

Here at the BeTheBoy household we are  very, very, very excited about this. There are few things that we enjoy more than WFMU and The Reigning Sound so the two of them together is something we won’t be missing. I urge you to check it out on Saturday. Tune in on Saturday at It’s guaranteed awesome or your money back.


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One response to “The Reigning Sound on WFMU This Weekend

  1. Nice article, thanks! Memphis still holds a unique place in my heart, I spent some time in my twenties there and still remember visits to Graceland, Beale Street, and of course the blues clubs.

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