We’re Home Again And I’m Sick

Nina and I made it home on Thursday afternoon after spending a few days in San Francisco, it was a great trip because we had nowhere to be. We arrived on Monday with a wait and see attitude and we were so busy catching up with friends, ordering room service and dining on the hotel roof that we neglected to do anything else (that we can talk about here) but I don’t think we’d have it any other way. Thank you to everyone who made time for us while we were there and if you couldn’t it’s okay, we’ll be back soon.

Last week I mentioned that this was the first time I’ve taken time off of work just for fun so I was looking forward to having this past weekend to just rest and have fun. However, things have not gone according to plan. I managed the rest part but not the fun because I’ve been sick in bed since Thursday night.  When I say sick, I mean the call the doctor and ask if I’m going to die sick (I’m not), but Nina and Daisy J. Dog have been doing their best to bring me back to health.   I think I need one more day of rest and medication and I’ll be ready to get back to regular life.

Being home sick as an adult reminds me of staying home sick as a kid. Back then I rarely took sick days for fear of missing something great like Surprise Water Slide Day.  On the rare days I stayed home from school I mostly looked at dirty magazines and, when I got a little older, drank  until someone got home. In most cases I didn’t miss anything special at school.

I rarely miss work for the same reason, but surprise water slides have been replaced with surprise meetings and the magazines and beer have been replaced with rest and medication. Being sick was way more fun when I was kid.



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2 responses to “We’re Home Again And I’m Sick

  1. I wonder if you got so relaxed in SF that your immune system relaxed too much and that’s how you wound up sick. It’s that, or somebody coughed flu germs on you during the flight home. Regardless of how it happened, feel better soon.

  2. Until that last paragraph I assumed that you meant whiskey when you said medicine. Now I am really worried.

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