So Long Everyone

If you’re looking for me this week and you go to any of the usual places* you’ll notice I’m not there. This week, for the first time in my adult life, I will be on vacation.  In the past I have taken time off for funerals or for emergency surgery but I’ve never just taken a week off just to have fun. I think I’ve earned a week of fun so my wife Nina and I are taking a brief trip to San Francisco to make up for the honeymoon we never had.  See you soon.


Nina is the one in the hat


If you’re in San Francisco this week, here is some info on where you can find us.

*I’m not sure what would count as one of the usual places a person would look for me but wherever you think that is (and I encourage you to speculate wildly on that subject) you needn’t look for me there because I’ll be somewhere else.



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5 responses to “So Long Everyone

  1. The Skee Ball Museum?


    In a robot’s dirty basement being forced to eat ice cream while watching tapes of Dan Marino (a whole Clockwork-Orange type thing.)

  2. At the hookah bar with Ted Leo & Tom Scharpling? – not to smoke air, mind you, but to laugh at the people who actually pay money to do so.

  3. Congrats!!! Have a funnnnnnnnnnnnnn time, guys! I want pictures when you get back!

  4. p.

    I think you two are my new favorite couple :)

    Enjoy your honeymoon – stay hydrated!!

  5. I was looking for you at the peep show. I didn’t find you there though. For once ;-)

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