Some Stuff About Songs

My two favorite things about having a blog are talking endlessly about myself and talking about people I like and the things they do.  Occasionally I, today is one of those days:

Recently I discovered Songs That Saved Your Life where the very funny and always entertaining April Richardson is writing about music and what it means to her. As someone who often writes about music I appreciate it when the music/life narrative is done as well as Songs That Saved Your Life, check it out, you’ll be glad you did. I also recommend following April on Twitter.

For the sake of comparison, here is something I wrote about music and myself for a long defunct blog.

This is The Minneapolis Police – The Party Is Over

When I was 16 I inherited a box of records from my uncle Bob, Mostly 70’s comedy and Dylan records although the inclusion of the nadir of Dylan’s career, the self titled mess of half-finished ideas and Self Portrait outtakes qualified as both. Soon afterwards I started picking up vinyl in used records stores and among the first things I found was The Replacements “Stink”, from the original Twin-Tone pressing, wrapped in plastic and cheap at $5.00. I took it home  along with some other records that have been lost to various moves through the years.

It was 1990 and the Replacements hadn’t broken up yet. Thanks to time spent in a bad girls basements sharing cigarettes and 40’s of malt liquor I was well versed in their stuff, especially Hootenanny, and Let it Be which were my favorites. I wasn’t familiar with this record, with its black and white cover that looked like it was created with a rubber stamp and copy machine but I bought it anyway.

I was a pretty astute music fan for a kid and I knew that there was something more than what was on the radio or on MTV. It just took me a while to find out what it was. If I didn’t believe that my heart and soul was firmly entrenched in raucous rock and roll before I played that record, I believed it afterward. Stink out did the Replacement’s stuff I knew already as well as almost everything I had heard from anyone up till then. Remember, this was a pre Nirvana world we were living in so the garage style, heartfelt, trashy rock was harder to find even if Johnny Thunders was still hanging on by a thread somewhere.

The record started with the sound of the Minneapolis police breaking up a party and 14 minutes and a few seconds later it ended in a fury of noise. Somewhere in between I realized that this was the sound of my heart. Yeah, 8 songs in 14 minutes and change, that’s not even time enough to be famous.

Here’s a live version of “Dope Smoking Moron” as well as the unreleased “Skip It” recorded in 1981 (My god they are impossibly young in this clip):


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  1. k.

    Oh, how I love these guys.

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