A Little Help Here?

If you’ve read this blog before you probably know that I’m married to this girl:

You probably also know that she has been working on several projects involving America’s undead sweethearts zombies and vampires.  One of these projects has been the Valemont series which has been airing on MTV and MTV.com with an alternate reality game (ARG) at ValemontU.  Yesterday, she posted an important update about the series on her blog that I am re-posting below because I think you should know about it.  The original post can be found here.

Second Semester?

Many of you have been reading here for years. Some of you have been reading me for much, much longer. As long as I’ve been writing on the Internet (erm, 12 years now…) I’ve been writing about my writing career.

Or lack thereof.

You’ve seen the ups, the downs, the way-downs, the rock bottom, the pick-axe to break through rock bottom, and the gradual ascent as I’ve clawed my way back up. The past six months have been a whirlwind of vampires and zombies and vampires.

And it may not be over.

People have been asking about a second season of Valemont. Today, I heard from my boss, mentor, and all-around transmedia smartypants Brent that we may have a shot at a season two.

From his post on Valemont Commons:

We are currently in serious talks with MTV about growing Valemont into a real TV show.   Towards that end, MTV is airing a 1hr. “Extended Edition” of the earlier 1/2 hour special they already aired a few weeks back.   This will be a new cut, ending at around Ep 20 story-wise, withmessaging to drive new viewers to MTV.com where they can watch the last 15 Episodes (plus two alternate endings) of the show.   Obviously, you have probably already seen all the episodes.   But where you can help is this:  ask all your family and friends who might enjoy the show to please watch this special edition; if you want to rewatch that would be great too.

Strong TV ratings on the special would be nice, but the key here is the clickthru rate from on-air to online.   How many viewers get hooked by the end of the 1 hr. edition and migrate to MTV.com to watch the remaining 15 Eps will go a long way in determining the fate of Valemont.  So if you want to help guarantee a Season 2, let’s overwhelm MTV with positive numbers this Sat night!

So I’m asking for your help.

Please watch the Valemont special (one hour! Cut together! With extras!) on MTV this Saturday, November 28 at 6pm EST then go to MTV.com to watch the final 15 episodes. Tell your friends! Tell your co-workers! Tell your family!

If you’re forgetful (like I am) you can RSVP to the “event” here on Facebook.

Many thanks.



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  1. Yes, you are very lucky to be married
    to this woman.

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