Some Things to See, Hear and Help

The See and Hear Part

From time to time I find a blog I like so much that all I can think while reading it is that I wish I wrote it:  Dad’s Records: A Journey Through Time and Sound is one of those blogs.  As you can probably guess, Dad’s Records is about someone going through their father’s record collection.  I was directed to it shortly before my father passed away and I really liked it but I like it even more now.

Please take a look, you’ll be glad you did: Dad’s Records: A Journey Through Time and Sound

The Help Part

Looking for something good to do?  Well here’s a great cause that needs some help.  You may know that WFMU is my favorite radio station, you may also know that I think it is the best radio statio in the country.  Wht you may not know is that they are completely supported by listeners and they are holding an emergency 24 hour fundraiser in order to keep running.  Their spring 2009 pledge drive fell a little short of what they need to operate for the year and if they don’t make up the diference they may not be able to stay on the air.  Take a look here to learn more and if you can spare a few bucks, donate.  I donated in the spring and I’ve done it again today because my life is better with WFMU on the air.  WFMU has always come through for me and now it’s my turn. The WFMU pledge page is here if you’d like to be a hero.


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