My Wife Is Awesome

In case you haven’t noticed my wife has been knocking it out of the park even more than usual lately. While I’ve been aware of this, I’ve been so wrapped up in family business that I haven’t taken the time to make sure that everyone else knows it. I’ve known since the day we met that she is incredibly talented but over the last several months she’s turned it up even higher than usual with her work on Valemont, Woke Up Dead and an appearance at the 140 Conference.  While managing multiple projects she’s also been helping to keep me and my family together through a difficult time (by doing stuff like this) AND keep things running at home.

Check out her talk from the 140 Conference:

The final episodes of Valemont are up today and can be found here.

As for my wife she can be found working hard  today, as usual, despite feeling under the weather.  I am very lucky and very grateful to have her.


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One response to “My Wife Is Awesome

  1. If I didn’t have the sniffles already, this would have done it.

    I love you.


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