What To Do Next

Over the weekend my wife and I took care of an important piece of business by getting back to our regular weekly chat show on Saturday.  This was the first time we had done one since my father’s passing so we dedicated the show to him and spent the whole time telling stories and celebrating the time we had together.  It was hard for me to get though but when it was done I felt pretty good.  Just like my father the show was funny, sentimental and sometimes filthy; if you missed it or would like to see it again it is archived here.

Thanks to everyone who watched and participated in this on Saturday.  I meant a lot to me and I’m sure my dad would have appreciated it too.

While I’m still adjusting to a world that my dad is not a part of I am doing my best to get on with things.  I looked at the calendar this morning and wondered where the last four weeks had gone. There is so much to do before the end of the year and I’m not sure where to start.  Between now and December 31 I need to:

1- Eat Less – Apparently mourning leads to overeating.  I spent the first 9 months of this year getting into better shape and the last month undoing a lot of that hard work.  The sooner I stop stuffing my face in the name of grief the better.

2- Stop Prefacing Stories About My Dad With “When My Dad Was Alive” – It’s probably understood that when I tell a story about something my father and I did, it happened when he was still alive.  In the event my father comes back as a vampire and we go fishing I’ll specify that he was undead when it happened.  Until then assume that all stories about us took place while he was alive.

3- Go On My Honeymoon – I got married to this girl in May 2007 and three days later we were on our way back home and getting back to work.  The plan was to go on a honeymoon the next year but financial issues made that hard to do so we put it off.  We felt we were able to do it this year and planned to take a week off to get away in December.  While my father’s passing has thrown a monkey wrench into our plans we are still going to get away to San Francisco for a few days after Thanksgiving.  It’s not a tropical island and we’re not getting away as long as we had hoped for but we’ll be together and we’ll see a lot of friends.  We’ll be in San Francisco 11/30 -12/3 if you’ll be there, let us know.

There’s more to do of course, like writing more, saving money and learning to dance, but this is a start.  The business of living has begun again.



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2 responses to “What To Do Next

  1. If you guys are driving to the bay and want to make a pit stop on the central coast I’ll buy you a martini. Or whatever. :)

  2. kim

    That “dust your self off” saying would be perfect here but I can’t remember how it goes exactly. Enjoy your honeymoon you two!

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