The Big Question and a Reminder

The Big Question

In case my father ever shows up as a ghost and tells me I can ask one question but it has to be about a specific day we spent together in the late 90’s, remind me not to waste my question asking any of these things:

Why we had to be at a bar at by 9 AM?

How he got us such great seats for the Jets game?

Who paid for the van that drove us to the stadium?

Did I do something specific to cause me to lose several hours of time in the afternoon?

Why the girl we were drinking with after the game, the one who was closer to my age than to his, seemed to know him so well?

Why the same girl was under the impression my father was once married to a woman from Chile?

Why that same girl thought my father married the Chilean woman after my mother had passed away?

Why would anyone think my mother had passed away?

The reason he didn’t hit me back outside?

I wouldn’t ask any of these questions because the answers don’t matter anymore.  Besides, he didn’t ask me why, some months later, I was at that girl’s apartment when he called (I’m aware that this is completely screwed up).  These things are all water under the crazy bridge now.   The only question I would ask is why didn’t we hang out like that more often?

The Reminder to See Us on Saturday

Prior to all of this death business my wife and I did a regular weekly live chat show on Saturday nights.  For reasons you can certainly understand we haven’t been able to do the show for the past few weeks but we will be coming back this Saturday November 7th to honor my dad with a special show.

For this week only we’ll be going on the air at a special early time to allow my east coast family and friends to watch.   You can watch here starting at 6 PM Pacific time (9 PM Eastern time) on Saturday night.  We’ll see you on Saturday night.


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One response to “The Big Question and a Reminder

  1. kim

    I have always firmly believed that if you aren’t prepared for the answer, never ask the question. Some things are just better left unsaid.

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