The End Of My Imaginary Friend

Since my father’s passing I’ve been honoring his memory by telling some of my favorite stories about him.  Here’s one from a long, long time ago.  You can read more of them by clicking the “BetheBoy Dad Stories” link below.

When I was a kid I had a best friend who could whatever the hell he wanted. If there was homework he didn’t have to do it. When the other kids went to bed he stayed up. He had all the best toys and never had to clean his room. He was the coolest kid ever and I should know because I made him up all by myself. His name, was Carpo and I swore that he went to school with me. I’m not sure where I got the name Carpo but it was probably derived from Harpo Marx, but wherever the name came from Carpo was my best buddy all through kindergarten and into first grade.

The town I lived in at that time was split in two by a canal. I lived on the east side while my imaginary friend and his fake family occupied a space over on the west side. Exactly where they lived was unclear since I had no knowledge of the west side, being unable to cross the street without an adult and unable to swim the canal. Despite the lack of hard facts my parents listened with patience as I explained the many wild adventure I had at school with Carpo, that is until I rebelled against bedtime and homework on the grounds that what my friend did I also did. After several days of negotiating my dad became frustrated and demanded we get in the car and drive to the Carpo house to confront his unfit parents and set things straight. My mom tells me she tried to talk him out of this but a few minutes later we were driving around the west side while I sat helplessly as my dad pointed to each house asking if it was the one. Finally we went home, I did my homework, went to bed and never mentioned Carpo again.



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2 responses to “The End Of My Imaginary Friend

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and have enjoyed your adventures and writing. The recent passing of your father and your subsequent posts have moved me in many ways, mainly because I wish I had the type of relationship with my father that you seem to have had.

    My sincere sympathies are extended to you and your family for your profound loss.

    I thought perhaps seeing that your relationship was so good might help to make your pain a little easier, I lost my father a few years ago suddenly from a heart attack. At the time I had many unresolved issues with him that I felt cheated. I wrote him a letter that I shared on my Blog in my “Other writings” section. If you are interested in reading please go here and scroll down to the Conversation with my Father story.

    Keep posting up the great memories and thanks for sharing.

  2. awesome. we had a monster in my son’s room one night until i went up there and beat the living shit out of it.

    monster hasn’t returned.

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