Habits I May Adopt to Honor My Father

1- Taking beer into the shower

2- Giving everyone a nickname

3- Hiding behind a tough exterior

4- Hanging with guys who look like Hunter S. Thompson (as shown below)

gangstarrs4(L. to R. My father, me and a neighbor who was not actually Hunter S. Thompson)



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13 responses to “Habits I May Adopt to Honor My Father

  1. I am looking forward to getting my nickname. Also I might dress this baby up as Hunter S Thompson. Because why the hell not? I wish I’d done it with Sam when he was still bald.

  2. I want a nickname. Make it something that sounds tough. Or do you not take nickname requests?

  3. I, too, am looking forward to getting a nickname. But I hope that doesn’t mean we’ll be drinking beer in your shower for future visits.

  4. I’ve always advocated beer in the shower. Always.

  5. betheboy

    Two things on nicknames 1) They can’t be requested and 2) My dad listed everyone in his cell phone by nickname only.

  6. kiemzi

    i love these. i’m willing to commit to picking up these habits in honor of your dad.

  7. Oh man, beer in the shower is the best. I miss my old house, where the edge of the window was just high enough to keep the beer out of the water, but not too far out of reach. My new place, there’s no room for a beer. Sigh.

  8. aliastaken

    I started taking beer in the shower in college. Later, that habit was upgraded to brushing my teeth in the shower after smoking a bowl.

  9. Paul Ruffini

    The Hunter S. Thompson character is none other than my father, Frank Ruffini. I took that picture one summer afternoon around 1980 (?).

    PS…I take beer in the shower all the time.

    • betheboy

      I remember your dad (as well as your mother) very well. I posted this photo a few years ago and a friend asked if it was Hunter S. Thompson. I found that kind of funny because I can’t picture your father dropping acid but it stuck in my head. Since I rarely refer to people by name without getting permission first I stuck with the fake name. Your mom and dad were very good to me when I was a kid and I think about them whenever I think of the neighborhood.

      • Paul Ruffini

        That’s very cool. It so happens Sunday was the 18th anniversary of Rosie’s passing. Dad has been gone since 2001.

        I now have a one year old grandaughter named…Rose. The circle of life continues.

  10. betheboy

    That is pretty damn cool, a belated congratulations.

  11. Fox

    Your father’s nickname for me was always Herman. Presumably after Herman Munster.

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