I Guess I’ll Never Know Why He Was There

Early on a summer morning many years ago I was ejected from a less than reputable motel with no money or transportation.  This was not the first or last time I’d find myself broke and stranded at a sleazy location but it is the only time I was in that situation wearing a tuxedo and with a date.   I started heading for a pay phone with some idea of making  collect calls until someone agreed to come get me when I found my salvation right in front of me; heading towards a familiar car in the parking lot…was my dad.  He dropped my date at her house and then drove me home.  He didn’t ask me any questions and I didn’t feel like I was in a position to demand answers.  We never spoke of it again but I’m sure that my dad had just as good an explanation as I did.

Click the “Betheboy Dad Stories” link below for more stories (most of them are nice, not sleazy).



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3 responses to “I Guess I’ll Never Know Why He Was There

  1. makes me think of Don Draper.

  2. Yr dad was totally the blue collar Don Draper.

  3. this could be (depending, i guess, on whether the rest of your family shares your sense of humor) a wonderful starting place for some completely fill-in-the-blank inappropriate memorial.

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