The Infamous Christmas Story

Okay it’s back to dad stories.  As promised I’m pulling out the funny and scandalous ones this week.  Here is a classic tale that is a little bit of both.  Click the “Betheboy Dad Stories” link at the bottom of this post to read more.

A Merry Little Person Christmas

On a Christmas Day in the mid 90’s I headed to my father’s for dinner; I was not prepared for what I found when I arrived.

Nobody expects to find a strange little person at the house, much less a drunk one but that’s what we got that year, a boozy midget.  As with any business involving my father it’s best not to ask questions but I had to:

Where did the little guy come from?
-I won him
Playing what
-A game of none of your fucking business

End of discussion.

After getting nowhere with my dad I asked my brother and found out that the little person’s name was Binky and he was there to help my dad out for the holiday as a result of a bar bet.  Of course…the old Christmas helper midget bet; I should have guessed.

Now the thing to know about my father’s house is that holiday dinners were kind of tense affairs but having the little guy around really loosened everyone up.  For the first time since anyone could recall we all truly enjoyed the holiday.  Luckily for me, this was before I developed my well-documented phobia of eating in the same room as a little person, so we all enjoyed a good meal too.

Even though he was a helper midget my father had a seat ready at the dinner table for him, and we all got our own food from the kitchen because that is how my family treats the little people we take home for the holidays with class. We even gave him gifts: a carton of smokes, booze and some old porno magazines.  Later on when his ride showed up he gathered his things and bid us farewell.  We never saw him after that but the Christmas midget gave us the best holiday ever.

Now I know that kids today don’t believe in Christmas Midgets, but I tell you they are real and if you’re good all year-long or your parents are very secretive you just might hear the little footsteps coming to your house.



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3 responses to “The Infamous Christmas Story

  1. You had me at “boozy midget.”

    Best. holiday. story. EVER!

  2. This was the first BetheBoy story I read to SlackMom when I was home for Thanksgiving (before he & I started officially dating.)

  3. jen

    i am frightened and enlightened at the same time. :)

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