Well That Didn’t Go Well

I’ve spent my whole life searching for the right thing to say with mixed results.

Yesterday after being told I was no longer welcome in my late father’s house.  I searched for the words to express how this felt.  The sadness of losing my father coupled with the anger I felt towards the person who was telling me to leave called for the perfect last words but I just shouted not so nice things in a voice I didn’t recognize.

The things I should have said are irrelevant now but looking back on things I guess I should have ended the day on the thing I said just before I got angry; when I turned to my wife and said: “Leave the car running, the cops are on the way.”

Unfortunately, like my father, I didn’t get to choose how the story ended.



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19 responses to “Well That Didn’t Go Well

  1. That sucks.

    Except for the part where Nina was your getaway driver. Circumstances aside, that’s pretty hot.

  2. jesus christ i got “the chill bumps”, i’m crying AND laughing. you are an ace with your words will. this makes me incredibly angry on your behalf.

  3. p.s. no doubt nina knew just how to handle that sentence and was “at the ready”.

  4. Come home safely and soon, Will.

  5. Can you chalk it up to “Only in Long Island…”? ‘Cause that sounds like something my aunt in Huntington Station would tell us.

    Both of you come back safe and sound. We’ll have cocktails waiting.

  6. kermit

    i’m so sorry, will. i wish i could say that it’s only a long island thing, but unfortunately it isn’t.

    even though i know it’s not my place to say this, i’ll still say that sometimes the healthiest thing to do is to just leave and let it go.

    it takes too much out of you to try to remove the asshole-ry from someone that probably doesn’t even want it removed, especially if that person is family.

    in short, i hope you’re holding up okay surrounded by loved ones & cute furry creatures like daisy.

  7. M

    That’s the rub with families. I feel your pain a million times over.

    But you have the best gift: A new family where you get to choose how the story plays out.

  8. Will Campbell

    HFS. Maybe I’m way outta line, but why the hell isn’t there a minimum two-month moratorium on bullshit after a loved one passes. Maybe it wouldn’t even help then, but it couldn’t hurt, right?

    Just saying: If you can’t find the help you might need throwing a burning couch through sliding glass door or any similar projectile through the appropriate portal, lemme know.

  9. bronwyn

    major hugs, Will.

  10. K.

    If I were as good with words as you are, I’d know what to say. I’m not tho, so I’ll just go big; Fuck that shit. Someone who would cause you any more grief than you were already suffering from the loss of a parent is not worth a damn.

    I’m sorry that happened to you. Glad the Slackmistress was there for you.

  11. Oh, Will. I’m so sorry you’re having to endure all the crap on top of what you’re already going through.

  12. Hugs Will, That sucks, nothing else to say

    We’ll have cocktails waiting when you come back to LA.

  13. The ice tea lady Aka jutes

    Sam- When I read your post the following 3 things came to mind.

    1. The running car thing was great! It reminded me of all the times when your Dad & I were younger & we would sit in his car listening to Seger. Hiding from who ever, Blasting music , singing loudly etc. And when someone would finally knock on the window and say oh this is where you guys are. Your Dad would say how did you find us was it the running car!

    2. Excerpt from the following Seger song

    Think in terms of bridges burned
    Think of seasons that must end
    See the rivers rise and fall
    They will rise and fall again
    Everything must have an end
    Like an ocean to a shore
    Like a river to a stream
    Like a river to a stream
    Its the famous final scene……….

    3. The Heartless Bitch International Club!

    Which I just finished signing her up for. She’ll be happy to know she’s been awarded a lifetime membership, a free quarterly newsletter and with her latest cold hearted bitch move she wins a CHOKER necklace!
    Love ya –

  14. Will- If you need someone to stage an attack on that house… I’m just sayin’

    But seriously, so glad Nina was there. and I’m sorry still for your loss and I’m so fucking angry for you. I know it’s not my business but I come from the school of when my grandma was passing and she said “if anyone tries to take the china cabinet away from you, get a chainsaw and cut it in half.”

    in other words, you had every right to be there and that woman is everything your grandma said and then some.

    and that’s ME being NICE.

  15. bro in law

    Got to look on the positive, at least the getaway car wasn’t a ‘hot pink’ mini-cooper. Miss you, and come home when you can, you’re family misses you.

  16. jen

    Our thoughts are with you.

    My better half lost his mother, she too was 54, on October 5th… we understand and sympathize with you.

  17. aliastaken

    I’m feeling it for you- hang in there.

  18. Rich

    The harshest sting is often delivered by what we thought was a comforting hand. Your recently posted photos, and the memories they invoke are the treasures to keep dear. Focus on the aspect of who your father is, was and forever will be to you; and not on those who have no other recourse than to inflict pain upon already fragile wounds. Love is stronger than hate; it warms us, guides us and makes us human. Focus on that, in whatever aspect that manifests. Peace.

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