In Case You’re Wondering Where I’ve Been

Many of you know this already but in case you haven’t heard, I lost my father on Friday morning.  His passing came as a great shock to me and my family (he was only 54) and he will be missed.  I arrived in New York on Friday night to begin the process of saying goodbye and laid my father to rest on Monday.   My family and I can now begin the complicated process of wrapping up my father’s affairs and moving forward with our lives; we appreciate all of your support as we work through this.

I’m sure that I will be spending numerous posts in the future talking about my relationship with my father and what he meant to me but for today I’d just like to share a picture of us together from many years ago.




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27 responses to “In Case You’re Wondering Where I’ve Been

  1. k.

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Glad you’re able to be with your family, though, and glad you have lots of support.

  2. xtx

    So sorry for your loss Will.

  3. best wishes to you and your family at this time of loss. be strong. take care.

  4. Kerry

    I love that picture… attitudes shining through on both sides. Welcome back. Call if you guys need a thing in the world.

  5. Holly

    All I have to offer are hugs, and good shoulder to lean on.

    Email me if you or your family need anything.

  6. Cindy

    Will so sorry for your loss. Glad you have your family and friends for all the love and support.
    We are thinking of you and Nina during this difficult time.

  7. You have a wonderful family. May you all find comfort and peace by embracing the love you have for each other, to get through this time.

    Sending you vibes/karma/prayers/e-hugs.

  8. Efren H

    I am sorry that you lost your dad. You have great people to help you get through this sad moment.

  9. lisapotato

    Ed and I are both thinking about you and sending you big hugs!

  10. ive been thinking about you all weekend. i cant even imagine how you feel. but i just know you are very loved and you have many many people who will always be there for you.

  11. So sorry for you & your family’s loss. Wishing you strength while you do the rest of what you have to do.

  12. pepper

    i’m sorry for your loss and am keeping you and yours in my thoughts.

  13. kim

    I’m always awkward in these moments. I’ll be the quiet one in the back of the room holding all the bourbon if you want any.

  14. My condolences to you, your family, and Nina. I’ve been thinking about you and *think* I might have sent a message, but very well may not have, so I’ll comment here just in case. I’m glad you are able to be with your family during this difficult time.

  15. Big hugs to all of you. .

  16. Corrie

    Again…so sorry for your loss. You, Nina and your family are in my thoughts. Safe travels…

  17. I am so sorry for your loss. That’s a wonderful picture!

  18. Will, I’m so sorry for your loss, not to mention feeling horrible about not realizing it until just now.

    Hang in there man; I can only imagine (and really don’t look forward to knowing some day) what you’re going through.

    Just know you are loved and supported by many.

    My best to your entire family.

  19. not sure what else i can add, but wanted to write something to let you know you got a ton of people walking down that emotional bullshit avenue with you in spirit.

    when my dad passed it really brought home that “only the good die young” and so far it seems to be true.

    upside is porn heaven right?

  20. TheOtherWill

    Damn Bro,I am very sad to hear this.
    If you need anything at all,someone to talk to,need help moving things,whatever gimmie a call 516-510-1079

  21. Sorry to hear this and thank you for posting that adorable picture to give all of us an insight into your loss. I lost both my father and stepfather and my stepfather in their mid 50s. The unfairness of it is something you never get over.

  22. Ted

    So sorry to learn this. I know you have great memories of your dad to prop you up and keep you moving in a positive direction, and it appears you have a lot of support from family and friends. Take care.

  23. Hey Will,

    I really enjoy your blog/writing/perspective and just get a sense that you are an overwhelmingly honest and decent guy, and I really feel for you right now. I lost my dad last year (although he was 81 and it was far from sudden) and it was weeks before it got easier. My thoughts are with you.


  24. Will catching up. I’m truly sorry to hear about the passing of your father. I enjoyed all your stories of him and your mom.

    Again, my deepest sympathies. There are no words, except, I’m sorry.

  25. Long time lerker, first time commenter. So sorry for your loss, it’s weird how a complete stranger’s life events can actually have an effect on others.

  26. Hey Will – guess it’s been awhile since I’ve been here. I was very sorry to read about your father’s passing. I’m glad to see though that you have so many memories and stories about him.

    Take care,

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