The Golden Age of My Fancy Pants Family

1979 was a good year for my family:  My brother and sister had arrived in the world and we were all still together.  My father was doing well in his job and my mother was in school at night.  My father was driving a Camaro and Neil Young’s Rust Never Sleeps was in heavy rotation in our apartment.  Things were finally looking good for us.  So good that my parents set up an appointment to have the Sears photographer come to our house.  To make sure I looked my best, my mother bought me the best suit a 5-year-old could have in 1979.


I vaguely remember this photo being taken and I recall my mother choosing this one from the proofs.  I don’t recall where the stuffed Fozzie Bear came from but I can only assume from the smile on my face that it was mine and I liked it a lot. Looking at this photo I wonder why it took me so long to start wearing suits again.

After all three of us kids had our pictures taken on our own it was time for the first official group photo of my brother and sister.  Clearly I’m the only one who is pleased about the fact that we we’re still taking pictures.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I slept in the suit that night.

IMG_0001_Three of us

A few months after these pictures were taken the 7o’s would come to an end and with it the brief golden age of fancy suits for me and my family.  Things changed for us all in the 80’s and it was a long time before I had a suit this smooth again.

Updated – You can compare the suit shown above to the kind I wear now by clicking here.



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10 responses to “The Golden Age of My Fancy Pants Family

  1. It’s funny how you’re leaning forward and your sibs are pulling back. Damn snazzy suit.

  2. vintagecaveman

    That is one groovy suit, Tony Manero.


  3. Curious as to what type of suit you own now or owned that could possibly top the one in the photos…

  4. Kerry

    I am a fan of the “throw” in the final photo. That is a classic, perfect for a casual toss on the naugahyde sofa in the rec room.

  5. Jeeze Will you were a cute little boy. Great suit.

  6. You had better refer to my photos of you in a suit so that everyone can see how naturally you still take to one. I would also argue that your latest picture suit is of a higher quality (though not Stay-Prest

    Have you ever heard The Coasters sing “Shopping For Clothes”? One of the greatest songs ever. (lyrics to follow but you have to hear it, man!)
    Your brother has the same expression in this photo as in the later one that you posted yesterday. Is he really in a constant state of incredulity?

    I love these pictures and your stories. Well done.

    Shopping For Clothes by The Coasters

    I was shopping for a suit the other day
    And walked into the department store
    I stepped on the elevator and told the girl
    “Dry goods floor”

    When I got off I saw a salesman was coming to me
    He said “Now, what can I do for you”
    I said “Well go in there and show me all the sport’s clothes
    Like you’re supposed to”

    He said, “Well, sure, come on in buddy
    Dig these fabrics we got laid out on the shelf”
    He said “Pick yourself out one
    Try it on, stand in the mirror and dig yourself”

    Ohhhhhh…That suit’s pure herringbone
    Ohhhhhh…Yeah, that’s a suit I’d like to own
    Ohhhhhh…Buddy, that suit is you
    Ohhhhhh…Yeah, I believe it too

    I see for the business man you feature the natural shoulder
    That retail, wholesale indeed
    It’s got the custom cuffs and the walking short
    He said “And I’m gonna let you have at a steal”

    And for the playboy you have the latest in tweed
    With the cut-away flap over twice
    It’s a box-back, two button western model
    He said, “Now ain’t that nice”

    Ohhhhhh…Them buttons are solid gold
    Ohhhhhh…You made a deal, sold
    Ohhhhhh…That collar’s pure camel hair
    Ohhhhhh…Well, you can just set it down right in that chair

    (Sax interlude)

    Now you go back there and you get that paper and let me sign on the dotted line
    And I’ll make sure I get all my payments in right on time
    Hey wait a minute buddy, let me go back there and do a little checking on you
    Then the man come back, he said “I’m sorry my man but your credit didn’t go through”
    Why, what you mean

    Ohhhhhh…Ain’t this a shame
    Ohhhhhh…My heart’s in pain
    Ohhhhhh…Pure, pure herringbone
    Ohhhhhh…That’s a suit you’ll never own
    Oh, Lord have mercy

    • betheboy


      I agree that my current suit collection is of slightly higher quality and definitely less flammable than the one pictured above.

      Also, I am familiar with that song but I have not heard it in some time. Going to locate a copy now.

      Finally, I have at least a dozen more photos of my brother making that same face.

  7. Caissie

    A-damn-dorable, Will. Thanks for letting us take a look at those.

  8. I cannot stop cracking up at your siblings’ faces in that photo. They look SO MAD about it!

  9. aliastaken

    I love that little Will was obviously a Muppet fan.

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