Family Portraits

IMG_NEW(L-R: Me, my grandfather, my father, and my mother)

I’m trying out the scanner on my new printer and that means you get to see a photo of my family from the 70’s.  There’s no date on this photo but based on what we are wearing I’m guessing that it was taken in the spring of 1976.

UPDATE – When I posted this last night I referred to the person holding me as “unidentified relative who I appear to be unhappy with”.  My mother just emailed me to tell me that the person holding me is none other than her father.  Since this was one of the last times I saw him I’m not surprised that I could not tell who it was when I posted it.

The photo below was taken about a year and a half after the one above, in late 1977.  This photo was taken during the little remembered period of the late 70’s when color film was outlawed.  Luckily this ban was lifted just in time for my sister’s birth a few months later.

IMG_0002(L-R: Seated My mother’s sister, my brother Mike, my grandmother, me. Standing: My mother and father)



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8 responses to “Family Portraits

  1. Totally looks like you now, that second photo. :)

  2. Punchnuts

    Man are we an ugly bunch.
    At least you don’t look like a fetal chicken in these shots. Good deal posting a picture of the grandma that started the indoor-titty dodgeball craze.

  3. Spring ’76? Really?
    That’s totally September ’76, imho.

  4. Karen Erb

    that would be your Grandfather Neil..taken while visiting at his home in Ozone Park…

  5. What happened to Mike? He looks scared to death.

    He also looks like Dominic Monaghan (from Lost and Lord of the Rings), but they way Dominic looks now, not as a baby–minus the facial hair he thinks makes him look older.

  6. aliastaken

    Rock on with your Oscar t-shirt!

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