A Very Special Birthday

Several Octobers ago I was reading, on the blog of someone I had never met, that it was their birthday. While this person and I were strangers I had been reading their blog for a while so I commented something simple like “happy birthday”. Had I been bold I would have said; “I wish I could be there” but we didn’t know each other…yet

You’ve probably figured this out already but that blogger was Nina, the girl pictured below, and today is her birthday.

I finally got a chance to wish her a happy birthday a few weeks later and things went pretty well after that.  I’ve been lucky enough to spend every birthday since then with her and I hope it stays that way forever.

Happy birthday baby.  You’re my favorite everything and I love you.



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8 responses to “A Very Special Birthday

  1. Holly

    Aww! Thats so sweet, I think I just got a cavity.

    Seriously, Happy Birthday Nina!

  2. Well, the best birthdays are in October! ; )

  3. Awww Will you’re so sweet. You guys make me so happy that youre happy.

  4. It’s much better having a birthday WITH you than across town from you.

  5. kim

    Awww. am skipping over to her blog to say happy b-day!!

  6. Jenifer

    Will, you made me a tear up at work! Happy birthday (again) to your lovely wife. She, indeed, is a a very special gal!

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  8. Burnt Norton

    Happy Birthday to all and to all a good night. I’m happy for for you both. Mr Will a Way, Be the Boy, this is a blast from your bookstore past. Glad to see all is well. I’m always looking for a bit of advice so please let me know the proper protocols…you the man but stay golden betheboy…

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