The Annual Halloween Request

It’s time for my annual plea for common sense.

Dear Baby Halloween Jesus,

Please make this the first year since 1977 where no one wears a Star Wars costume.


Will (who doesn’t like Star Wars, not even a little bit)

P.S. – Help me Baby Halloween Jesus, you’re my only hope.



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16 responses to “The Annual Halloween Request

  1. Don’t make me break out the Jedi robes.

  2. Can you also put in the request for kids to get rocks if they go as Tony Hawk? It’s not a costume!

  3. you are SUPPOSED to pray to the Great Pumpkin. Or, in your case, the ghost of Gene Roddenberry.

  4. …and then if the first request is rejected the kids can throw the rocks at all the storm troopers.

  5. *sighs deeply* and then *shakes head in sadness*

    Personally, I think Daisy J. Dog would make a gorgeous Princess Leia.

  6. vintagecaveman

    and no more “The Dark Knight” Jokers.


  7. Edley

    Since there is no god, your prayers fall on deaf ears.

  8. Mee-saw goins ta dressaup howsa eva mee-saw wants!

  9. Glenn B.

    Too late, Will. I already spend hundreds of hours forging the bronze bra for my Slave Leia costume.

  10. boski93

    Just get a Boba Fett helmet, some khaki’s and polo shirt and just roll in as Chad Fett, Boba’s cousin who sells term life insurance in Omaha.

  11. Randi is dressing Bernie as Indiana Bones in Raiders of the Lost Bark… but if he absolutely has to be in costume, I would’ve chosen Dog Vader.

  12. I don’t like star wars either.

  13. No can do. Seems like allll 5 year olds are into Clone Wars right now.

  14. Huh. Not liking Star Wars goes against everything I thought I knew about you…

  15. Will Campbell

    Worse would be someone in a Star Wars costume wearing a Billy Joel mask… and an endless loop of “My Life” blaring from an AM radio shaped like a light saber.

    “Go ahead with your own life, leave me alooooooooooone!”

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