Free Advice Vol. 3

Part three in the occasional series where I give something back.

Here’s some free advice:

The security guards at the parking garage do not care what music you* are listening to.  They are not going to commend you on your excellent taste in music nor are they going to give you a better parking spot; they are just going to check your ID and wave you on without a second thought.

There’s no need to plan your entrance music, because you are not GOB Bluth or a professional wrestler.  Just park the car and get to work.

*The you in this post = me.



Filed under General Tomfoolery

4 responses to “Free Advice Vol. 3

  1. fuckpants!

    and youre not the only person who thinks about these things at all.

  2. Not a pro-wrestler!? That sounds like a challenge to me! By the way. I accept.

  3. Wait, you’re not GOB? Probably for the best, he’s kind a douche.

    I think you should keep planning your entrance music – give yourself airs, I always say!

  4. kim

    that is the best/most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.
    ps- I do it with phonecalls

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