Thanks For Reminding Me

Sometimes the internet surprises me with its ability to put things in perspective.  Lately I’ve been working hard and feeling stressed but a Twitter exchange with Corrie Greathouse yesterday reminded me that I’m doing just fine.


Corrie Greathouse and her nice teeth can be found here and here.  I can be found anywhere but at a box factory.



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3 responses to “Thanks For Reminding Me

  1. That’s awesome! We didn’t brush our teeth after lunch either, for the record, but we did get fluoride treatments once a month. And I wasn’t allowed to participate because we had well water which apparently already had fluoride in it, so I got plenty. Still, I felt left out.

  2. aliastaken

    Were you a Head Start kid? I used to be a Head Start teacher and we made the kids brush their teeth everyday. We even had a place to store their brushes, because disposables are just a waste of federal funds… and that was way before anyone was trying to ‘go green’.

  3. aliastaken

    Head Start began in 1965 but really started to hit it’s stride in the early 80’s. I just assumed you were talking about preschool, weird.

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