Checking In

Please don’t mistake the lack of activity on this blog for a lack of things to say.  In the past, when things would go dark here it meant I was locking myself in the house with a stack of sad songs but that won’t be happening this time.  I’m not depressed, I’m just busy.  If you’re keeping score at home here’s where we stand: Will: 2-  Bad Times: 0.  Happiness is pitching a two hit shutout through 6 and shows no sign of wearing out.

Until I can catch my breath you can find me on Twitter or with @slackmistress doing our weekly chat show at 8PM Pacific every Saturday (the 9/12 episode is archived here).

Finally, my dog would like me to remind you that she too can be found on Twitter under her full name Daisy J. Dog.  She would also like to remind you that she is a good dog, as evidenced in the photos below.



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3 responses to “Checking In

  1. NicDaMone

    I want to give Daisy J. Dog many hugs and kisses! She is SO cute!

  2. Kerry

    Glad you are on the sunny side.
    Goiters are in the baseball finals.

  3. kim

    “Good girl Daisy! Good girl!”

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