Can We Laugh About This YET?

I know I’ve told this story on this date before but I’m telling it every year until we all laugh, simply because we are free to do so.

Is it Still too Soon?

After 9/11/2001, my always patriotic father turned super patriot, when I mentioned that a local store had a display of flags on sale a few days after 9/11 he said;  “Anyone who doesn’t own an American flag already should be shot”.  When I told my sister about this she said:

“The way he’s reacting you’d think they attacked the Hustler building.”

This is perhaps the only funny thing ever said about that day.



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3 responses to “Can We Laugh About This YET?

  1. No, seriously that is funny.

  2. First time I’ve read it, but I’m laughing. And I’ll laugh again next year.

  3. I think your father’s comment was funny.

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