Last Thoughts on Last Weekend

Since June I’ve been trying something called Summer Blogging hours, where I try to share something meaningful with you in 100 words or less. I’ve had a great time writing them but since it is September the entry below will be the last Summer Blog Post for 2009.

In the moments before the music started I though of the last time I had been at a Sunday afternoon rock show and every possible reason I should watch from the back.  In a few hours I’ll be in a jacket and tie but for the moment Ted Leo is ready to play four feet from me. When he begins I know I’m in the right place. Every time my feet leave the ground it’s clear I’m not there to be reminded of something I used to be, I’m there because of who I am.



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5 responses to “Last Thoughts on Last Weekend

  1. Jodie Gilbert

    Wow! You are inspiring me. Seems like lately I have been doing the things I love without giving them the attention they deserve or with a real appreciation of why I do them. I also think it is a good thing to have a healthy admiration for others, and you have pointed out that maybe I have been neglecting to pay attention to that as well. I think one of the reasons I continue following you & @slackmistress is you have an appealing zest for your lives. It’s refreshing. Thanks a Bunch. J

  2. lately, i regret that we do not live in the same city.

    rockin’ good times.

  3. Enjoy who you are! It is good.

    Ciao summer blogging, we’ll miss you.

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