Two Things Worth a Look

As part of my ongoing effort to use the Internet for good instead of evil I like to occasionally stop talking about myself long enough to tell you about other people who are doing great things.  Here are a two things I think you’ll appreciate.

1- – There are times when I stumble upon a blog and I want to kick myself for not knowing about it sooner.  The man behind Scratchbomb has been at it for years but I’m just now getting wise to his mix of politics, culture, entertainment and sports writing.  The writing is on the site is sharp, the arguments are well informed and I feel smarter having read it.  You can also follow the author on Twitter here.

2- – I discovered this collection of the worst job postings on Craigslist thanks to a mention from the esteemed Paul F. Tompkins which is really all the endorsement it needs.  Check out the site, but not the jobs on it.

Thanks for checking these sites out, I hope you like them as much as I do.



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2 responses to “Two Things Worth a Look

  1. Thank you very much for turning me onto which then led me to Stuff Unemployed People Like which in turn led me to The 405 Club. Oh that ADD medicine is working well.

  2. Love the site. Thanks for sharing it : )

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