Down At The Rock & Roll Club

When I asked my wife to marry me I didn’t think to ask: “Will you also go to small concert venues with me late at night?  Will you get there early and stay late?  Will you navigate the general admission crowds to find the perfect place and hold my spot when I go to get drinks?”  I didn’t have to ask because I knew the answer was yes.

When I thought about a future with my wife, sharing my enthusiasm rock and roll played in small dark places wasn’t a top priority, but it mattered to me.  I don’t go to nearly as many shows today as I did when I was a younger man with fewer responsibilities but I still like to see my favorite bands play and it’s great to have a wife that is willing to join me.  Recently we saw that Ted Leo & the Pharmacists and The Dirtbombs were both coming to town on consecutive nights.  As I wondered which show I’d go to my wife reminded me that we could find time to rock two nights in a row.  She is right and that’s what we’re doing.

There are few things in my life that compare to seeing a band I love play a great show but one of them is the first few minutes after the show is over: when walk into the cool night air with your ears are still ringing from sound of the music and you feel like your feet aren’t touching the ground as you walk down the street.  The only thing better than that feeling, for me at least, is holding onto this girl as I make my way home.

In you’re in Los Angeles The Dirtbombs are playing on Thursday 8/27 and Ted Leo & the Pharmacists are playing on Friday 8/28.  Both show are at The Echo, info and tickets available here.



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10 responses to “Down At The Rock & Roll Club

  1. I wish I was going to be LA then. I’d love to see that show.

  2. That’s exactly what I want in a future partner as well. How can I phrase that in my online personals ad without sounding needy?

  3. Vince

    As I said on twitter I am totally jealous that you get to see Ted Leo & the Pharmacists this week while I have to wait until October for them to play D.C.

    My girlfriend is awesome like your wife. She lets me pick the shows, stays late even when she is tired and wants to go home. I think its great to have a concert buddy especially one that you love that you can share the music you enjoy with.

    • betheboy

      You are a lucky man Vince.

      October may feel like it’s a long time away but it gives you something to look forward to. Ted and the rest of the Rx are working on a new record and according to reliable sources it’s sounding great.

      • Vince

        I am extremely lucky man to have her in my life.

        I know October isn’t far away but I am going to be in LA next week and I wish the wedding I was going to were planned for a week earlier.

        Yea I follow Ted Leo on twitter and have been seeing the album updates and am really looking forward to the show and the new cd.

  4. JustSheaNo

    More proof that rock and roll dreams will come through.

  5. I love that lingering buzz as you depart a particularly awesome show. You are a lucky man to have found one you can share that with as you walk out. We should all be so lucky.

  6. Yes! That not touching the ground feeling! I kind of miss that.

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