Behind The Scenes At Home

Sometimes I like to take you behind the scenes at my house to give you an idea of what my life is like between blog posts.  The following conversation took place immediately after my wife and I played Rock Band for the first time.

Me: If we had a mic stand I could sing and play guitar at the same time.

My usually supportive wife: You’ll never be able to do that.*

Me: Lots of people sing and play guitar.

My wife: Yes, but those people are called musicians.

Thanks for the encouragement baby.

*She’s probably right but I’ll still try it.  Someday My Rock & Roll Dreams’ll Come Through.



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9 responses to “Behind The Scenes At Home

  1. TxGowan

    I think it’d be difficult to watch both lines of moves. Also, if you had to do tambourine, you’d be screwed.

  2. JT

    my brother rigged up a mic stand using the drum stand without the drums on it. just wrap the mic on and you’re good to go. you’ll be able to sing and play at the same time if you already know the melody.

  3. I too have duct-taped the mic to random things in my house so that I could do both vocals and guitar at the same time. One time, I was playing guitar while my nephew was singing, and he was doing a poor job, so I said, “Just stop and hold it up to my face!” and finished the song while still on guitar.

    So, I guess what I’m saying is, if a mic stand is outside of your price range, a human being can always substitute.

  4. My friend Ferrett says knowing the song very, very well is key. (Of course, he’s also prone to saying that the vocalist of his imaginary band sucks, but since they’re kinda joined at the hip, he can’t fire the guy.)

    Here’s his blog post on the subject:

  5. We have the exact same conversation at our house! Complete with name calling

  6. Oh my. I would totally play drums for you guys. I’m not half bad.

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