Behind The Marriage

In case you weren’t paying attention when I wrote about it yesterday, August 18, 2009 marks three years to the day since I first discovered the blog of the girl I would eventually marry.  This date is refereed to as our discoversary, a phrase that shockingly has yet to catch on with the kids.

You may have figured this out already but in case you missed it I’ll point out the obvious.  I’ve been married for well over two years to the girl whose blog I first discovered three years ago today.  Over the past few years I’ve been asked many times what happened after we found each other on line so I’d like to take you behind the scenes and explain how it happened three years ago.

On this date in 2006, while looking at someone’s photos on Flickr, I see an interesting comment.  I click though to find that the commenter is an attractive, single blogger who lives near me.  I make a note of this information but do nothing else for a while.

Several days later I read some of the things she’s written and see that she’s also smart, funny and dresses like a super villain so I decide to send her an email that says (and I’m paraphrasing) “Through a series of Flickr contacts and clicked links I found myself at your blog and I think it and you are awesome.”  Nothing creepy, just saying hello…she does not respond.

Several weeks later I’m unexpectedly home on weekday and I read something that compels me to contact her again.  Once again (and this is important) nothing more than to say hello.  This time, I catch her at the right moment because she responds minutes later.  We exchange a few messages but I can see that she’s busy so I don’t do anything to attract attention to myself but I don’t forget about her either.  We exchange occasional emails and chat a few times.  I develop a crush that I did a terrible job of keeping to myself but she does a terrible job of keeping the fact that she is not interested in me a secret so I don’t mention it (much).

Several more weeks pass and after a flurry of emails we decided to meet up one night for what she called “IN NO WAY A DATE” this did not prevent me from putting on the nicest shirt I owned at the time, overdrawing my bank account and excitedly telling people that I was going to meet the girl with the pink car from the internet.

It was not a date, but we had fun.  I couldn’t hide the fact I was smitten and she couldn’t hide the fact that she thought I was nice but did not want to date me.  I did not pursue the issue but the emails and chats began to happen more regularly.  Before long we see each other again for a second non date.

Driven to distraction by the fact that I have a huge crush on a girl who has not gone out with me twice I write this letter to her.  That letter leads to non date number three which is followed by a phone call from her that says “Maybe we could have a practice date to see if it would work”.

Four weeks later we decided to get married. I guess the practice date worked.

The morals of this story are as follows: Sometimes it comes down to luck and timing so it’s important to not be too creepy on the internet.  Also, you shouldn’t be afraid to take a chance on someone you believe in.



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17 responses to “Behind The Marriage

  1. Sweet! Isn’t it amazing how sometimes you just know? Even if you aren’t super conscious of how much you know, you just know.

    I love the internets and this story and you guys. (And I barely even know you both, but I know.)

  2. Um, adorable. That’s all.

  3. B.

    Often, I don’t like my stories to have morals, but if they’re going to, then they should mostly be like this.

  4. Also, be persistent but not stalkery.

    I love you guys.

  5. absurdemest

    What a great story. Happy discoversary, you guys.

  6. Awww! So cute. discoversary eh? I like it. but that might be because I like disco, discos, and discoveries.

    Happy day you two! You guys are freakin’ adorable.

    • betheboy

      More lucky than gutsy I think.

      • kermit

        don’t under appreciate yourself, it was gutsy.(and i say this as a person that did a somewhat similar thing, but in my case it didn’t work out.)

        i still remember how excited you sounded as you were telling me about it when you wrote the letter. happy discoversary and many more :)

  7. Awwww! This is such a super cute story!! And what a nice way to recognize a special anniversary :)

    You guys make me smile.

  8. Kerry

    So it was actually the shirt that sealed the deal. The one time that you pulled that “F me” shirt off the hanger and it really did the trick. You’ve given hope to all those superstitious hounds who don that shirt and quietly exhale, “This is the night”. Might we ask what it was? Bowling? “Ironic saying” T-shirt? Obscure band? Hand me down from Dad?

    • betheboy

      Nothing crazy, blue button up with a jacket that kinda sorta matched. This was when I was younger an poorer so the jacked covered up the worn portion of the sleeves.

  9. i found nina’s blog about the time you guys got engaged. and i honestly LOVE this story. seriously you could retell it several times and id listen every time :)

  10. Nic DaMone

    That is AWESOME! You guys are too sweet.

  11. This story SO needs to be a movie.

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