Meet The New Fake Boss

I’m not going to lie, this is the most flattering thing to happen to me on the Internet since @slackmistress said yes.*


I have no idea who created this** but I thank them for it.  May they be the best BeTheBoy they can be.

UPDATE – There is now a second fake profile:


*I mean when she said yes to my marriage proposal.

** I swear I did not create  fake profiles for myself.



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17 responses to “Meet The New Fake Boss

  1. Stalkerazzi cha cha cha!

  2. that’s hilarious. i’m jealous. (as long as you don’t get stabbed that is.)

  3. I thought they looked suspicious.

    You’ve really made it big man. Way to be!

  4. Deb

    It’s not just flattery, but also means that are one step closer to complete delegation of duties to clones and sycophants. That’s the good life right there.

  5. kermit

    you realize of course that now you have to add to the score card at your house:

    novels published: slackmistress 1; betheboy 0
    fake twitter thing: betheboy 1; slackmistress 0

  6. Jodie Gilbert

    It was quite entertaining, yet it was also kind of annoying debating with @therealbetheboy. I can not even imagine how interesting that must have been for you. Someone must really love you a bunch to create two fakes for you. Have fun with it. I will be following to see how it all ends.

  7. oslowe

    Wait, so which one of you do I make fun of regarding irish whisky, porn, star wars, billy joel, italian ices, and chainsaws?

  8. i always think if anyone is ever going to make fun of me they’ll make an account called “discorash”

  9. Wow, some people go to GREAT lengths.. AND he’s acting self-righteous and calling both of you fakers, heh.. nice. It’s people like this that make me want to have a little fun with them and start acting like a COMPLETE a-hole :P I swear Will, when I do it to them, I’m not doing it to you ;D

  10. okay, after a few cocktails, i’m slightly confused. who am i supposed to be really following? THEREALbethe boy? just make it simple for me, please? even though, i’ve made it hard for everyone else because i was hacked and i’m now, gorillabunss.

    see, why this is all so hard for me?

    • betheboy

      I had as many cocktails before reading this so now I’m not sure. I’d say stick with @betheboy as it is actually me.

  11. I know it’s not you just because they don’t have me on their Following list.

    I will use my obscurity to serve as an official seal.

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