Should We Give It Up (I Don’t Know)

You may not know this about me but I had two sets of parents growing up: my real parents who were young, fun and awesome and an imaginary second set who slept in twin beds and did not grow pot in the front or back yard.  My imaginary parents were the calming fictitious voice of reason in a hilariously fun world of drinking and instability and I loved them for it.  However, as I’ve gotten older things have faded in to memory to the point where I sometimes forget what my real parents did and what was a product of my imagination creating a stable living situation.

For example, in my head I have two pieces of advice for overcoming adversity and I can’t remember which one I’m supposed to follow:

One set of parents told me:

“If you get knocked down you get up and try harder”

While another one said:

“If you get knocked down, get up and make someone pay”

If I could remember which was said to me and which I imagined I’d know if I’m supposed to quietly go about my business or be angry.  Knowing what to do would be helpful because I’m feeling like I’ve been knocked down;  I’ve gotten up but I’m not sure what to do next.



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13 responses to “Should We Give It Up (I Don’t Know)

  1. I’m sorry you may have been knocked down.

    However, here is my advice. Get up and go find someone else to make them pay, quietly, quickly.

  2. When in doubt, kick somebody in the nuts.

  3. philvsthemayor

    It’s a trick. Try harder to make someone pay more.

  4. make them pay will. always make them pay.

  5. kim

    maybe they both meant “try harder AT making someone pay.”

  6. How about you try harder AND make them pay?

  7. slackmom

    Both work but it really depends on the situation –

  8. aliastaken

    Funny, all of my parental advice, both real and imaginary pertained to getting knocked up, not down…

  9. Laura

    Yeah, I’m with slackmom. Both work but it really does depend on assessing things. Also, it must be said that sometimes, in a subtle sort of way, trying harder is – or results in – making someone pay.

    But I am sorry that you got knocked down. I know that you will triumph one way or another. Good luck, buddy.

  10. philvsthemayor

    Even Jesus had to hide out in a cave for a few days and rehab his shooting hand. Or was that someone else…?

  11. Jodie Gilbert

    OMG. These are some of the funniest replies I have seen on any blog. I also grew up with pot plants in the yard and cans full of it on the dresser. I quit smoking pot when I was 14. Though the memories of my unstable childhood have not faded for me they do seem to have faded for my parents. They want nothing more than to be upstanding, doting, perfect grandparents. There are times when I want to begrudge them this, but I recall that the relationship with my grandparents was one of the best of my life, as well as the fact I will want my children to forgive me for my shortcomings as a parent. Karma in action. Thanks for sharing. BTW I have spent many years overcoming the desire to make others pay. I believe they do end up paying somewhere along the line without help from me, and it is not on my karma list.

  12. slackmom

    One more thing — living well is the best revenge

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