Accomplished Authors and Medical Experts

There are a few things I’d like to share with you today:

1- My wife has written a book and she’ll tell you all about it here.  The household book scoreboard has been updated to read: Books Written: Slackmistress 1 – BeTheBoy 0 (we keep track of things like this).

2- Speaking of keeping track of things, our discoversary is almost here again.  Don’t know what a discoversary is? Read this.

3- The delightful Lisa Jane Persky sent me another outtake from the pictures she took for the Friends of Tom project. This photo captures me as I’m explaining to a passerby that, despite the fact that I’m wearing a suit, I am not terribly smart.  As Lisa Jane was taking my picture the man on the bike approached me to ask about chiropractic equipment.  This makes sense because when I see a man in a suit and a woman taking his picture I think “That guy is probably an expert on medical supplies”.  Sadly this is not always the case but I broke the news gently.

IMG_1931-1(photo by Lisa Jane Persky, of course)

The official FOT photo gallery can be found at Lisa Jane Persky Photo Just click on “Galleries” and “Friends of Tom”.


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One response to “Accomplished Authors and Medical Experts

  1. A world where Lisa Jane takes your photo (and then eats hamburgers with you) is the best kind of world to live in.

    Also, you are smart, although your knowledge of medical supplies is lacking. But I bet you could sell some serious snake oil in that suit!

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