Best Show For Life

It’s no secret that I  love The Best Show on WFMU.  If you’ve never heard it, I’m sorry because you’re missing out.  Host Tom Scharpling describes it as “Three Hours of Mirth, Music and Mayhem” but he’s selling himself and the show short because it’s probably be the smartest and funniest thing on the radio today (and maybe ever depending on where you stand on the Bob and Ray Show).

One of the benefits of being a Best Show fan is getting in touch with other fans, a.k.a. Friends of Tom.  Recently, the charming, talented and world famous FOT Lisa Jane Persky (it’s true, look her up) began taking photos of Best Show fans and posting them on her photo site.  A few days ago I met with Lisa to have my Friend of Tom photo taken.  The official FOT photo can be found at her site so go to it and take a look:

Lisa Jane Persky Photo

Just click on “Galleries” and “Friends of Tom” to see me and the other FOT’s who have been photographed.  There will be many more coming soon so keep checking back.

I’m very pleased with the way the FOT photo came out so I hope you’ll go check it out as well as her other photos, Lisa Jane Persky is a fantastic photographer and it was an honor to meet her person to take part in this.  Here is an outtake from Mondays photos.


Thank you Lisa for including me in this project, I can’t wait to see more.

The Best Show on WFMU airs Tuesdays at 8-11 PM ET on 91.1 FM in the NJ/NY area.  You can listen live at, listen to archive episodes here or download The Best Show podcast from iTunes.  You can find host Tom Scharpling on Twitter as @scharpling.

You can find the amazing photographer on Twitter as @lisajanepersky and at her blog here.



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14 responses to “Best Show For Life

  1. As much as I enjoy making fun of pictures of you. I won’t lie, the picture above is pretty sweet.

  2. oooh, dapper indeed ~ the pinstripes suit you ;)

  3. My thought process:

    Wow, whatever this post is about, Will thought it was worth more than 100 words.

    …so I guess I should read it.

    Blah blah blah photograph…hey wait, I love photographs!




    She is really good.

  4. Really Great Picture, Will!


  5. I’m coming back out of the lurker-hood just to say… that photo on Lisa Jane’s site might have just made me lust a little. Please ask Slack my forgiveness for thinking her husband looks edible.

  6. Kerry

    Smooth, dude. Did you buy the suit special?

    How’s your “Shark Week” rolling along?

  7. That is a lovely picture. Could be your album cover.

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