Got A Second?

Can we talk for a second?

I’ve been working a whole lot and sleeping very little so If you’ve emailed me recently or commented here and are wondering why I haven’t responded it’s because I’m absolutely wrecked lately.

It’s important for me to remember that I’m dealing with nothing but quality problems.  Not having time to email my friends because I’m working too hard at a job I enjoy beats the lonely and unemployed alternative.  I only share it here because doing so helps me focus on getting caught up and prevents me from falling off the face of the Earth like I used to do once a year.

When faced with quality problems I think of what Gene Wilder says near the end of Willy Wonka:

“Do you know what happened to the boy who got everything he ever wanted?  He lived happily ever after.”

Good things are coming, I just need to make time for them.



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2 responses to “Got A Second?

  1. Tara

    I have been reading your blog for a while, as well as “The Slack Daily,” and my first comment is prompted by the fact that, in a post where she says she is working so much she doesn’t see her husband, your wife used the same quote that you used in this post.

    …that is uber-cute.

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