Summer Sick Day Rerun

Thanks to being sick I worked a half day today; more accurately I worked a 2/3 day and got home by 2 PM in time to nap with Daisy and have an early bowl of soup with my wife.  Since I’m still not feeling well I’d like to share an old post from last year which deals with some of the reasons I’ve had to take sick days in the past.

Best Of the Worst Reasons To Stay Home

Despite being very sick today I did not stay home.  I rarely take days off.  However in my lifetime I have, on rare occasions, been forced to take days off from work or school for unusual reasons.  The reasons below include some from adulthood and some from childhood, I leave it to you to figure out how old I was when each of these happened.

Reasons I Have Stayed at Home

  1. Wanted to go out for pancakes
  2. Baseball opening day
  3. It was 2 for 1 adult video day
  4. Working an email to a girl I liked and I was too drunk to drive that morning
  5. Mean looking dog out by my car
  6. Needed to buy stamps
  7. Was playing video games
  8. Accidentally drank laundry detergent


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5 responses to “Summer Sick Day Rerun

  1. k.

    Nice! I have stayed home for these reasons:

    1. Purposeful overdose of niacin to make me red-faced and too itchy to go to school.
    2. Viva Las Vegas on tv, pre-video tape days*.
    3. Bees swarming by my car.

    I kind of feel we are kindred spirits.

    *but I’m clearly way older.

  2. Nomi

    1.-7. Adult
    8. Child


  3. #1 has inspired me to one day take a “Pancake Day” sometime in the near future :)

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